The Firm

MÖLLER Attorneys at law  is a client oriented law firm, founded in 1996. The firm attends the legal necessities of more than 170 clients through Central, North, South America and Europe.

Along the years MOLLER’S partners, associates and staff have accumulated a vast experience in every field that conform the day to day operations of its clients. The firm is organized in 6 areas: corporate, tax, labor, contractual, litigious and  International and Intellectual Propertydivision. his organization and the experience of the personnel who conforms it allows MÖLLER to render quality services in a fast, safe and effective way.

As a permanent policy, the firm encourages to maintain a personal and direct relationship with its clients, members and personnel. Moller is convinced that the ideal service, is obtained only if the client feels the support, safety and confidence of having an excellent legal advisor at his side all the time.

The partners and associates of the firm have an excellent academic background obtained both at local and international prestigious institutions. Besides, they’re constantly attending workshops, seminars as other events in areas they manage. The firm is well-known by other firms and local universities, because of its academic and barr related activities.

About social responsibility, the firm has different programs that allow its partners and associates to present in special situations, which are considered by the board, PRO BONO services, based on the circumstances, its social impact and the qualities, and economical capacity of the interested persons.

Through an excellent correspondents network in Central America, who share the same values and ethic principles, MÖLLER operates in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Dominic Republic. These services are given through cooperation agreements of “open books” that let the clients know certainly who, what and how much they are paying in a specific case. Also the Intellectual Property, through a worldwide virtual network, MÖLLER is able to register trademarks anywhere in the world.

As expressed before, the firm’s mission, MÖLLER is compromised to provide the optimal legal services solutions that add value to their activities, with excellence, ethics and professionalism.

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