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Our Motto:

Excellence that flows

The modern world is fluid, we can work from anywhere at any time we want to. Why spend financial resources on big, bulky teams with high infrastructure costs and inefficient communication streams? The modern world demands custom made services, teams, and budgets as well as agile processes, excellence and fluidity.

Founded in 1996

Our firm was born in May 1996 with two main practice areas: litigation and corporate, which were focused on assisting companies in the financial and banking sector. Almost immediately, we started to assist clients in other countries in the region through a network of capable and trustworthy professionals built along the years, many of whom still work together with us. During the first decade of the century, we developed an Intellectual Property practice along with another one for Regulatory and Administrative Law, which expanded our horizons to understanding the needs of global customers.

In 2014, our team was at the core of what later came to be Earnst & Young’s regional legal practice operation (EYCA). Associating ourselves with the world’s most relevant professional services company allowed us to grow in many different ways and to understand the advantages and challenges of what that meant. Now in 2020, after 6 years of experience working with teams and clients from around the world, we’ve decided to make use of that experience in a specialized and improved legal environment in which we’re not looking to imitate o recreate what the big, traditional firms do, but instead create a modern, agile and modular practice in which our clients can pick from a wide range of carefully selected professionals selected for their credentials and professional and ethical excellence.

Headquartered in Central America with impact around the world.

Based in beautiful Guatemala City, Mollerlaw extends far beyond our borders to provide you with legal services with high international standards.


To add value to the businesses we serve through our professional services, custom made to fit their budget and needs.


To be the most trusted middle point between clients and lawyers in the Central American region.

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