Enrique Möller

Founding Partner

Practice Areas

Enrique Möller is a legal professional with more than 20 years of experience. He holds the role of Founding and Managing Partner at the firm, and his practice areas include Corporate Law, Specialized Litigation and Tax. He sharpened his skills in these areas by working with multiple retail, infrastructure and energy industry businesses over his career.


Before founding Mollerlaw in 1996, he held the position of Manager for Valores e Inversiones S. A. a member of the BAC banking group. He oversaw multiple commercial and financial activities for the firm. He was also a partner of Ernst & Young Central America (EYCA) for over 5 years, where he dealt and brought in world class clients and consistently does so for his own firm to this day.


Enrique holds a Law degree and Notary certification from Universidad Rafael Landívar and a Tax Law Specialty from Universidad Castilla La Mancha.
Enrique Möller
Tax Law
Intellectual Property
Litigation and controversy

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